Fionn Delahunty

Irish man currently living in Sweden.

I’m a bit young to have a life vision, but at the moment I spent most of professional time harnessing the powers of data science to explore different aspects of human behaviour and psychology. I work on detecting depression using machine learning, exploring patterns and trends in online communities and various other projects.

In my spare time, I love exploring the outdoors. From sailing, to climbing and everything in between. I worked for several years as professional sailing instructor, balancing safety of participants with enjoyment and keeping a business afloat. As much as I love the outdoors, it’s nice to sit down behind a desk and not be soaking wet!

What I Do

Machine Learning

More than just linear regression, comfortable in building prediction systems employing either supervised or unsupervised data techniques. From logistical regression, to KNNs .


Research is all about asking questions, and answering them using empirical evidence. It can be tough, but rewarding and I enjoy doing it.


I have a first class honors BA in Psychology, this kindled my love of research and human behaviour.

Data Science

A term that only came into existance 15 years ago, I'm due to complete a MSc in Applied Data Science at the end of this year.


A snapshot of my life


2017 - 2019 (exp)

MSc Applied Data Science

Courses include Machine Learning, Linear Statistical Models, Techniques for Large-scale Databases & Human Computer Interactions

2013 - 2016
National University of Ireland, Galway

BA Psychology

Graduated with first class honours


2018 - Current
Insight Centre for Data Analytics

NLP Research Internship

Independent research on conversational chatbots and depression detection • Use of NLP techniques, Google Big Query , Python parallel, Flask development

2015 - 2017 (Summer season)

Senior Sailing Instructor

Responsible for organizing sailing courses for children and adults. Ensuring the safety and enjoyment of participants both on and off the water.

Scouting Ireland

Acadamoot Cultural Internship

Studying cultural differences to aid in the development of a intercultural program • Developed an intercultural program to ensure smooth relations between Japanese and Irish scouts on exchanges.

2016 - 2016
Blackstone Launchpad NUI Galway

Blackstone Launchpad Internship

Responsible for developing and carrying out research studies to identify target markets for the project within the student body

Coding Skills











Data Skills



Scikit Learn






Publications & selected talks



First Insights on a Passive Major Depressive Disorder Prediction System with Incorporated Conversational Chatbot

Fionn Delahunty, Ian D. Wood , Mihael Arcan

Abstract: Almost 50% of cases of major depressive disorder go undiagnosed. In this paper, we propose a passive diagnostic system that combines the areas of clinical psychology, machine learning and conversational dialogue systems. We have trained a dialogue system, powered by sequence-to-sequence neural networks that can have a real-time conversation with individuals. In tandem, we have developed specific machine learning classifiers that monitor the conversation and predict the presence or absence of certain crucial depression symptoms. This would facilitate real-time instant crisis support for those suffering from depression. Our evaluation metrics have suggested this could be a positive future direction of research in both developing more human like chatbots and identifying depression in written text. We hope this work may additionally have practical implications in the area of crisis support services for mental health organisations.


Pending publication

Using clickers to predict students final courses grades, a machine learning approach

Fionn Delahunty, Alexander Schliep

Abstract: In this short report, we expand on the existing work exploring the relationship between in class clicker scores and final coures grades. We develop a random forest classifier to predict which grade band a student will fall into based on their scores. We achieve high accuracy metrics in the evaluation stage.


Unpublished, open access

Assessing the effects of internet-related drug urges on inhibition using an anti-saccade task

Fionn Delahunty, Denis O'hora

Abstract: Assessing the effects of internet-related urges on inhibition using an anti-saccade task Background: The average adult spends two thirds of waking day online; many researchers propose that this excess internet usage is driven by some form of behavioural addiction. One feature of addictions, according to the Tiffany cognitive urge model, is the presence of urges (i.e., craving) to engage in the behaviour that are difficult to ignore. The current study attempted to establish whether urges occurs for internet usage and test whether such urges interferes with inhibition processes.


Talks & Presentations

26th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science

First Insights on a Passive Major Depressive Disorder Prediction System with Incorporated Conversational Chatbot

Poster presentation. Abstract above

Psychological Society of Ireland, Student Conference

Assessing the effects of internet-related drug urges on inhibition using an anti-saccade task

As above

Teaching and Learning Conference. Durham, UK.

Student and Staff Collaboration in the Production of University Services

How do we engange students in the development of key services designed primarily for them? We put them in control of the development! In this talk, we explore how NUI Galway has led the way with student as producer for univesity services.

Blackboard world, Teaching and Learning confernece. Las Vegas USA

Developing a mobile campus app, for students by students

One year ago NUI Galway had no mobile services for students or staff, we now have an app downloaded by 15,000 students. The key to sucess? We let the students design it. .

Blackboard Ireland, Teaching and Learning confernece. UCD Dublin

Developing a mobile campus app, for students by students

One year ago NUI Galway had no mobile services for students or staff, we now have an app downloaded by 15,000 students. The key to sucess? We let the students design it.

Voted best Presentation, and invited to Blackboard World USA


My projects
NUI Galway

Developing a mobile app for NUI Galway

Developing a mobile app for NUI Galway
Scouting Ireland

Developing a mobile app for Scouting Ireland


NUI Galway Webmaster

NUI Galway

The above links will give you an example of some larger more detailed projects i've been involved in. Below is a snapshot of some smaller projects i've worked on.

Web Development

Company Details Link
NUI Galway Mountaineering Club Student club website build with wordpress CMS. Pretty simple set up, some interesting plugins to give addational features. G suite system admin as well. Website
Maamturks Challenge Irish hill walking event website and booking system. Website handles extreme traffic skipes during booking. It’s one of Irelands most popular hill walking events, often selling out all 250 tickets in less then a minute. Website
Galway Sea Scouts Simple wordpress website build for a local sea scout group. Application for membership system installed as well. G-suite system admin as well Website
Climbing Database Database system and php interface designed to record membership of a student climbing club. Website

Prediction algorithms

Algorithm Problem Link Dataset
Navie Bayes Predicting sentiment from amazon reviews corpus Notebook Amazon Review Corpus
Hidden Markov Model Predicting genetic abnormalities Notebook Genetic Dataset
Linear SVM Predicting sentiment from twitter data Notebook Twitter
Linear Regression Predicting the number of cigarettes smoked per week from a measure of risk taking in a social context (DOSERT) Notebook Risk lab dataset
ANOVA/ logistical Regression Predicting the number of car crashes from a measure of self control Notebook Risk lab dataset
Logistical regression Building a prediction model to predict if a participant in the dataset has smoked during their lifetime. Notebook Risk lab dataset
Multinomial logistic regression Building a prediction model to predict the age that a participant started drinking alcohol Notebook Risk lab dataset
Deep Learning Neural Network Sentiment analysis on tweets. Notebook UCI dataset
Convolutional neural network Image classification car or other Notebook UCI dataset


My blog

I'm not the most active or prolific writer, however someone I do metaphorical take pen to paper.

Everything I write is published on Medium, so feel free to head over there and read it.

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